May 5, 2011

Panic! At the Disco

My friend Shane posted the link to the new Panic At the Disco music video and I gotta say...I loved it! So I'm going to go ahead and share it with all of you :).

I've been a fan of Panic! since their first album came out wayyy back in the day (2005). Their sound changed drastically from their first to the second album but it grew on me!

I also haven't had a chance to post about my goings-on in about a week so I figured I'd clump it in with this post :).

School is over in a week and I'm really excited. Usually I die a little during finals but all of my teachers must have gotten together and decided that since they murdered me during midterms that they'd be gentle with the finals. I only have ONE exam and I've already turned in one of my HUGE projects. Now I just have to write two papers, and study a little bit. I'm thrilled! I think that this semester is going to end pretty well.

I am officially done at my job as of last Saturday and I'm enjoying this little bit of free time and relaxation before summer school and my internship start up. I have this giant to-do list and I'm actually crossing things off. It's gold.

Yesterday I went to TJ Maxx and Target to buy some apartment things. One of my roommates moved out and took a TON of stuff with her so I had to do some random shopping. I got some scissors that are shaped like a bird AND found Easy A for only $10 which was AWESOME. I also really love Target so I had a good time even though I had to spend a decent amount of money on things like dishtowels and shower liners. I also bought a real mop because the swiffer mop just wasn't cutting it anymore. I spent most of my day today deep cleaning my apartment and I'm happy to say it looks (and smells) SO CLEAN. Just the main areas. I'll tackle my room soon :). It's not dirty in there--just cluttered. I've been romancing the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle so I'd love nothing more than to get rid of a ton of stuff. I doubt I'll actually be able to do it but a girl can dream...

Finally, I'm officially started my apartment search. I'm going to live alone next year so I'm hoping I can find an affordable studio or one-bedroom that's close to school. Anyone in the Chicago area who wants to give me some direction on this would be awesome!


I just noticed that I have two new followers (hey ladies!) and their names are kate and kat. Made me giggle :). Thanks for reading!

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I love Panic! I'm actually going to see them in a few weeks. You're right, there sound has changed so much. I actually prefer their first cd, and I have been a fan of them since then as well (even though I was only in 8th grade! haha)

Anyway, I really really love your blog! I just found it today and I just wanted to tell you it's amazing!


That's so exciting! I saw them years ago and they put on a truly fantastic show!! Thank you so much for the sweet words about my blog :). I'm glad to have you around!

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