July 15, 2011

Catching up on my photo challenge

Day Seven: A photo of someone you miss
My little baby bro (who is FIFTEEN now and got his permit a few weeks ago... whaaat?!)
Photo 260
Day Eight: A photo of your favorite band/artist
Maroon 5. You guys probably knew that already :)
Picture 2
Day Nine: A photo of yourself when you were a baby or child
Fun fact, I look sad in this picture because I was crying before we took it. Why was I crying, you ask? I had HORRIBLE stage fright and instead of performing at my first few dance recitals I bawled my eyes out and ran to sit with my parents until it was over.

Day Ten: A photo you like for any reason
This is pretty much my dream living room. I'm obsessed with it in just about every way possible. It's perfect!

I figured I'd post a few since I'm so far behind :). Sorry for being such a slacker recently, I've been working on my finals for summer school and trying to paint my apartment. I can't wait to share everything with all of you!


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