July 27, 2011

Felt Garland DIY

I fell in love with the look of this simple felt garland a while ago. I knew I wanted to make one for my apartment so I decided to give it a try! There are tons of DIY's for this so I'm just going to link to the one that helped me the most in the construction of mine. The Purl Bee has the greatest DIY's and this one is no exception.

I didn't have any invisible thread and in the interest of being thrifty I decided to sew with thread I had on hand. I had also already cut most of my circles before I found this tutorial so I used a cup as my template and it worked just as well as anything else I might have done!
Felt Dot Garland
It was SUPER easy but a little bit time consuming. Obviously it takes a while to cut out all of those circles by hand then sew them all together. Just throw in a good movie and start cutting!
Felt Dot Garland
The total cost of my garland was $0 because I already had all the supplies on hand. The best kind of crafts are free crafts! Have any of you tried to create this kind of garland? I think it's so cheerful and I can't wait to hang it up in my new room :). For now, it's making my dress form look really cute!
Felt Dot Garland

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i love it on the dressform! cute idea, i might have to spice up my home with some colorful garland! have a fabulous day xxx


Ohhh wow i love it. is it wrong that i would totally wear this as a dress?!

ps - thank you for the email on fanfueled! i'm gonna look into it tomorrow :D lovely of you to send it my way!


cute, cute, cute! How in the world do you make the circles perfect? When I cut round it more wobbly..


Miss. Makes-a-lot: I think you should :). Then we can both have some colorful garland spicing up our lives ;)

Kate: I would wear it as a dress too!! I loved it so much on the dress form when I put it there!


Amanda: I traced all my circles using some cups. For the tiny circles I used a shot class and for the larger circles I used a Sam Adams beer glass (man that makes me sound like an alcoholic...). I'd suggest it because it made the circle-cutting a lot easier


So pretty..I want to fill my whole room w it!
Seriously tho....I never would have known that was felt from far away...very cool and doable DIY

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