July 5, 2011

Los Taquitos

This post is long overdue. I never have the time to convert my pictures from the raw format into something a bit more blog friendly but I finally sat down and forced myself to do just that. When I was in Arizona back in May, I made it a point to eat at some of my favorite restaurants. As I’m sure you all know by now, food is one of my favorite things so, of course, when I’m home almost all of my social interactions occur over a meal or snack of some sort.

On one of my last days in town, I met my dad for lunch at the second best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, Los Taquitos. (For my curious readers, the best Mexican I’ve ever had is from a place in Gallup, New Mexico). Anyways, this little gem is easy to miss but once you find it you’ll never forget it.

Affordable? Yes. Authentic? Yes. Been on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives show? Yes.
I always get the same thing—green chili burrito. It never fails to disappoint. If you’re in Arizona, I would highly recommend checking it out.
It is in Tempe on the corner of Elliot and 51st (I believe).

I apologize for my little absence. I'll share all about my weekend soon! I was without internet access (for the most part) so I was unable to post. I hope you all celebrated America (if you're American) and if you aren't I hope you enjoyed your weekend nonetheless!!!


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ilene @ muchloveilly

mmm, i love mexican food - yum!


I don't like Mexican food but this stuff is HEAVENLY!


LOS TAQUITOS, this post makes me want to drive right now and get it.

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