September 27, 2011

Fancy Fried Eggs

I don't share many breakfast recipes here because generally, I'm an egg gal and that's nothing special enough to share. But a few weeks ago, I discovered this majestic combination of ingredients that turned my eggs into something eggcelent (yay cheesy egg jokes!)

As a way to save money, I always try to use all of the food I purchase. I frequently pick up lots of ingredients for a certain recipe that only calls for a little bit. That leaves me wondering what to do with the leftover ingredients? Frequently, the end up in my breakfast.

Fancy Fried Eggs

Fancy Fried Eggs

My recipe yields one serving so feel free to make as much or as little as you want!


1 or 2 slices of prosciutto
fresh basil leaves
2 slices of toast (I've used sourdough, whole wheat, and white bread)
2 eggs
**OPTIONAL** hollandaise sauce

How to make the magic happen:

1) Put your toast in the toaster
2) While your toast is toasting, start frying your eggs (I can't explain how to do this so if you're it!)
3) When your toast is ready, put down one layer of prosciutto followed by a layer of basil leaves. At this point your eggs should be finished cooking so lay one egg on top of each piece of toast. I like to leave my yolks really runny because it adds a whole other layer of delicious to this recipe. Garnish with a bit of basil and you're good to go!
4) If you opted to use hollandaise sauce (I usually do, though it is not pictured), just drizzle that delicious sauce over the top of your whole breakfast before you dig in!


You might notice a new header? Bare with me these next few weeks while I change my header about a hundred times until I find something I like. I think we'll call this one "When Hairy Met Malzie". Have a lovely day friends :)

5 notes:


that sounds delicious. i wish i had time in the mornings to have a simple breakfast.


i'm always up for a new twist on fried eggs - so cheap, delicious, and healthy. i need to get me some prosciutto! and I love the new header! cute stuff :)

Sharmaine Ruth

your new header is adorable! and your fried eggs look delicious:D


Olivia-- It takes about ten minutes to throw this together. If you're just going for simple eggs it takes even less time. You should give it a try, it makes the whole day better!

Naomi-- girll get on the prosciutto. It's just so wonderful in everything!

Sharmaine--thank youuu :)!


ahh Mal.
This is super close to a version of eggs benedict that I absolutely adore.

As opposed to sourdough, I use brioche when I get some on my hands and I crisp the prosciutto since the brioche doesn't provide the same level of crunch, but all together - it's quite a (rich) treat.

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