September 26, 2011

Weekend Update

Hellllo hello! It's time for another weekend update which blows my mind because I have no idea where my weeks are going. Anywayssss, I had a pretty calm weekend but I figured I'd still share it with all of you :).


I had the morning off of work so I took my homework to one of my favorite cafes, Milk and Honey, and crossed a few assignments off of my to-do list. I also ate like a queen. I ordered a lemon and lavendar doughnut, a caprese salad sandwich, and the best chai tea latte a girl could dream of. Sometimes its really nice to just get out of the apartment and get some real work done! Friday night I worked and came home and hopped in bed. I finished a fantastic book before I fell asleep so I'll share about that later this week!

I had to work all day Saturday so there really isn't anything too exciting to share here. I was exhausted when I got home so I watched some TV with a friend and fell asleep after about an hour. Saturday night babbyyyyyyy!!!

Again, I worked pretty much all day. When I was done at work I came home and watched a few episodes of The Glades on Netflix. Not only do I seriously love crime shows, but I also love the gorgeous lead actor (who I think is Australian?) AND the rampant sarcasm laced throughout this show. If you're into crime shows and sarcasm and gorgeous crime-solving detectives I'd suggest you give The Glades a look :).

Today is Monday which means I'm back to the grind... I didn't actually have a day off though so I suppose a more accurate thing to say is that I'm still on the grind. Either way, I've got class today but later I hope to whip up some crackers and make my grocery list for next week :)!

How did all of you spend your weekends?


I am FOUR followers away from 250! Once I hit 250 I have a little "thanks for being great" giveaway lined up and some of my favorite bloggin' ladies have offered to contribute to the celebration. Exciting, yeah? So follow, follow, follow!!

2 notes:


i found your blog recently and love it!!!! My weekend was filled with many episodes of Bones.

I LOVE Glades after i stumbled upon it earlier this year, such a good show! I also have never met anyone else who doesn't like Hello Kitty as well.

Hope you are having a good week :)


Oh you're so sweet! Thank you :). I've never really watched bones but I feel like I should give it a try. I'm glad you like the Glades!!!

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