October 31, 2011

Giveaway WInners and Shop my Closet

This post is a littttle bit scattered so...

First things first..

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Did you go out over the weekend or do you have plans tonight? Do you look forward to this day all year or did you avoid people in costumes like the plague? I'd love to hear about your adventures and costumes!!

At the beginning of October I posted a giveaway and I never had the chance to announce the winners--yikes! So I'll kick off this post with that announcement :).

The Much Love, Illy Prize goes to...

The Studs and Pearls prize goes to...
Sharmaine Ruth

The Kate's Irrelevant prize goes to...

And the winner of my garland is...
Grey Sky Saturday

If you ladies contact me we'll sort out the details of shipping and all that fun stuff. Thanks so much to everyone who entered :)!!

Moving right along...

shop my closet

I've been trying to clean and de-clutter my life and I finally found the time to go through my closet a seriously purge. I ended up getting rid of some of my favorite pieces because even though I love them they truly don't fit anymore. That's sad news for me, but great news for you because I also found the time to post a "Shop the Sugar" site where you can buy my clothes! Shipping is only $5 per pop and if you purchase more than one item I'd be happy to combine them and only charge you once for shipping. Prices are firm but fair (everything is less than $25) and the $5 shipping only applies to the U.S.

Happy Shopping!!


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Hi! I just saw that I won! :). I've been out of town for a week and trying to catch up on blogs! How do I contact you?

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