October 3, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend's update is full of exciting news.

(lazy weekend full of jeans and scarves!)

First, I signed up to take part in Blogtoberfest. I thought it might be a fun way to meet some new bloggin' ladies. I already post pretty much every day so not a lot will change there. You guys should go and join in!

Now, onto my update:

I HAD THE DAY OFF! That's my first day off in two weeks and it.was.awesome. I slept in a little bit then grabbed lunch with my dad because he was in town. We grabbed some Epic Burgers which were just as delicious as I remember them being. He hopped on a train to go see my brother then I ran about a million errands. I went to Target and got some fun stuff (like a new lasagna pan!!) and looked at all of the lovely target things. I dropped some shoes off at the shoe hospital and bought a skirt at work. I finished off my evening with some Grey's anatomy and decorating/cleaning in my apartment. I'm still finding homes for all of my art and whenever I hang something up I feel so accomplished till I see the rest of the pile... All in all it was a good day!

I worked Saturday morning at a different location than I normally work at. It's always fun to change things up a bit andddd the Benetton I worked at is in a realllly cute area so when I was finished with my shift I got to wander through some seriously adorable stores. Have any of you been in a paper source? I am in love with everything in that place... On Saturday evening my dad came back downtown to hang out with me. We snagged some groceries and he caught me up on all the family gossip. You miss so much when you live far away ;).

I SLEPT IN! I never sleep in and it felt wonderful. I think that a solid night of sleep can work wonders. I also think that days off make me a much nicer person. When I'm stressed out I get kind of...feisty... I'm feeling much more balanced now after my two days off this week. I spent five hours making a crazy lasagna that ended up being pretty yummy. I finished off my evening with a movie on TV and some ice cream. That's the best way to end a weekend...

This is a brand new month AND it's my birthday month so that is just really really exciting. I'm going to post my birthday wishlist later this week and I also have a ton of recipes lined up for you. I have been cooking like crazy.

Last, I think you should check out my lovely sponsors. They're both sweet ladies and awesome readers so stop by their pages and give them a hello :).


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Rae Veda

You look adorable. That scarf looks so cozy. I love it. xo, rv



You're so sweet! It's a fantastic scarf :).


Hiya, Found your blog through some common bloggy friends... It's absolutely delightful. I just started following you via friend connect :) so you should be hearing more from me in future :))
Do swing by my Blog Siddy Says


You're so sweet. I'm happy to have you here! I'm headed over to check out your blog right now :)

Sharmaine Ruth

You look lovely and comfy :D Thanks so much for making me one of your sponsors!


Thank you :). I'm so excited to have you on as a sponsor so thank youu for sponsoring me!

Hope M.

I am in love with that scarf! Picture is posted to mental knitting inspiration board :)


Hope-- I imagine it would be really easy. I actually bought mine on super sale at Urban Outfitters for like $7. I figured that was far cheaper than if I tried to make it on my own.

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