November 23, 2011


I wore this on Monday for my flight home to Phoenix. It is the sweetest sweater dress and was so comfy for the plane! It was also really fun because it felt very old-school flight attendant glam.

Flying Outfit

What do you wear when you fly?


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Almost always - a dress with leggings and flat boots. Super comfy while sitting, and I don't look like those people wearing pj pants. *shudder.
you look awesome in this pic. just sayin' :)


Ahhhhh the pj pants look makes me cringeeee. I'm a big advocate of only wearing "lounge" clothes INSIDE the house!! Yikes! Your flying outfit sounds cute :)


You looked great for taking a plane ride! :)
I honestly have only flown twice, but I've just worn a regular outfit, t-shirt and some converse, haha! :P


Oh you're so sweet. You've only flown twice!? LUCKY! Flying makes me a nervous wreck.


you look very glam for flying, i would be in jeans and a sweatshirt :)


you look so nice! I always end up wearing my heaviest/bulkiest clothes that I'm bringing. So normally sneakers or boots, jeans, and a jacket (even if it's not very cold).
I don't normally check bags, so I have to carry as much on me as possible and don't normally look too cute.
If it is a trip were I check bags I normally wear leggings, flat boots, and a comfy dress. But those trips don't happen too often.

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