December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

It is tradition in my family to make and decorate sugar cookies for Christmas every year. We have a kick-ass recipe passed down to us from a good friend of my grandpa and we usually just use store-bought icing (is that cheating?). Anyways, this year we got a little ambitious and decided to bake a LOT more than just our regular sugar cookies. In the end, we rolled up a batch of buckeyes (also tradition), tons of sugar cookies, some peanut butter and Hershey kiss cookies, and some of this bark.

One of my oldest and best best friends Kristina came over to chat while we cooked and she helped my older brother decorate the sugar cookies. It's so fun to bake with friends!

Christmas Cookies
(my mom made the peanut butter kiss cookies and they turned out soo well!!)
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies
(whiskey bacon bark)

Today is going to be filled with church, yummy dinner, some fancy clothes, and lots of family. Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!!!!!!


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Aw, I want to make cookies and stuff! :( I'm jealous, lol
Hope you have a great Christmas!


Beautiful cookies! Merry Christmas, sweetheart!


Whiskey Bacon Bark, oh my!

Those all look like delicious treats!

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