December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Fashion

I love being home because I can force my family to take fashion post pictures for me. On Christmas eve we always go to an afternoon service at church and then get dinner as a family. This year we went to PF Changs for dinner and I had my little brother snap some photos of my outfit. I also took a few pictures of him because he was looking pretty fresh. Consider this a joint fashion post!
Christmas Eve Fashion
On me:
sunglasses: Ray Ban
dress: United Colors of Benetton
shoes: Steve Madden
Christmas Eve Fashion
Christmas Eve Fashion
I just realized you can see my bra through that dress. Check me out...keepin' it classy on the eve of Jesus's birthday.
Christmas Eve Fashion
On Sean:
Not really sure! But how good does he look!?

Do you have any traditions for Christmas eve or Christmas? Did you enjoy your holiday? I know that I did!!


2 notes:


I've always wanted to try PF Changs! You both look great, I'm sort of jealous as to how great dressers you guys are!


I've never been to PF Changs, but always wanted to go!

You all look stylish :)

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