January 19, 2012

Pork and Roasted Beet Tacos

When I was visiting my family in Arizona we ate a lot of pork. I'm not sure why but ever since I've been back in Chicago I've been craving pork and south-western inspired food. Thus, these tacos were born!

roasted beet and pork tacos

What you'll need:
-roasted golden beets
-sliced avocado
-corn salsa
-pork (I used two pork chops. Use as many as you need)
-KC's Butt Spice
-sour cream
-shredded cheddar cheese
-mini white corn tortillas

roasted beet and pork tacos
This is pretty easy and can be prepared for as many or as few people as you'd like. I was just feeding myself and I set things up in a taco bar style.

To prepare just coat a saute pan with olive oil and throw in your pork. I cut mine into strips before it was cooked then cubed it after it was finished. Season the pork with the butt spice using as much or as little as your heart pleases.

While the pork cooks cut up your avocado and set up your taco bar. Heat up your tortillas and spread a bit of sour cream on them. Sprinkle your cheddar on top then add your salsa, pork, avocado, and roasted beets. Fold that bad boy in half and enjoy!!!

As always, I'm going to leave you with some suggestions to take it up a notch. I think this would kick ass served over some quinoa or rice. It would also be delicious if you added some beans to it (black beans are my fave). What would you add to make these tacos suit your tastes?

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