February 3, 2012

Just Life

I feel like it's been a LONG time since I just updated you on my day-to-day life. I'm not sure if you've missed these kinds of posts but I definitely do so I'm going to try and write them more often.

School started for me three weeks ago and has been absolutely wonderful. I am taking a lot of classes that push me to be creative and to solve abstract business problems. Surprisingly, my favorite classes have been my electives. I signed up for a tap class, a letterpress class, and an introduction to horticulture class all to fill various excess credits.

My tap class is like this incredible built-in workout that gets me way out of my comfort zone and relieves all kinds of stress. If you aren't all that fond of working out I would highly suggest finding an adult dance class in your area. It's a great workout, a fun way to push yourself, and dancing is just awesome all around.

My letterpress class is my absolute favorite part of the week. I've always had a love for somewhat tedious crafts (like knitting!). Something about working a very specific process is ridiculously soothing. I also love typography and letterpress so I'm like a kid in a candy shop each week during class. Below are a few prints I've done so far.
My horticulture class fulfills one of my gen-ed credits as a Science with a Lab. Each week we meet in the Garfield Park Conservatory and learn all about various plants and the environments in which they grow best. I love this class because the Conservatory is absolutely breathtaking. I've taken about a zillion cell-phone pictures of it and one week I plan to go to class early so I can take some real photos. In the dead of winter in Chicago there is something to be said about being surrounded by lush green plans. Definitely a good cure for seasonal depression!
My other four classes are all marketing classes. We haven't really gotten into the meat of things yet but I'm really enjoying all of them. I feel so lucky to be in a major that doesn't actually feel like work. I love just about everything we're learning about so the projects tend to feel exciting.

Outside of school I've been extraordinarily busy seeing friends. I'm only going to be in Chicago for four more months so I've made it a priority to soak up as much quality time as possible. I also want to try tons of new restaurants and do all of the cheesy touristy things I haven't gotten to do yet!

I guess the moral of the story is that I'm really, really happy. My life is filled with quality people. I live in a gorgeous city. I'm about to graduate from college. I've been cooking all kinds of delicious food. In four short months I'll embark on a brand new adventure but until then I'm just living in the moment :).

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I got married at the GPC. We didn't even have to decorate with all of those flowers!


It's so gorgeous there!! Did you hear that hail ruined most of the roof? They're completely renovating the show room where they host weddings since it was so damaged by the hail! I'm excited to see what they come up with in the redesign :)


I'm so happy to hear that you're doing so well :)
Amazing that you get 3 great electives like that in one semester too. I have never taken a tap class, but I did take ballroom lessons for a couple years (with my ex) and it's amazing how great a workout it is - even just to walk backwards for 2 hours ;)


Mel I would LOVE to take a ballroom class. That's always seemed like such a good time :)!

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