February 28, 2012

Living in Color: Day 2

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Going from day one which was a dip into the world of color, this is like jumping off the high dive. I got a ton of compliments on this outfit and was even brave enough to wear earrings in a color that didn't appear anywhere in my outfit. Check me out!
Living in Color: Day Two
I took pictures with my cell phone because I didn't have time to grab any with my camera. I'm just proud of myself for keeping up with the challenge even on such a busy day :)!
Living in Color: Day Two
top & jeans//United Colors of Benetton
shoes// Steve Madden
Living in Color: Day Two

Hopefully this will be the last day of fitting room pictures. Sometimes the only spare moment I have to snap my pictures is on my break at work!

4 notes:


Is this a challenge you created? :)


this is awesome! i love the colors and so cuuuute!


Antonia--Yes! I felt like I was wearing wayyy too much black and I wanted to get a little bit of color back in my life. You're welcome to join in!

Eef-- Thank youu :)!

Rae Veda

Your shoes match your sweater perfectly! I love the polka-dots. You're darling! xo, rv


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