February 29, 2012

Living in Color: Day Three

Ah day three and so colorful. I wore the same pink cardigan from day one but this time I paired it with a kelly green dress and navy blue tights. This is definitely an outfit I'd wear again. It was fun but it was also comfortable and functional which is really important.
Living In Color: Day 3
cardigan//United Colors of Benetton
dress//Top Shop
Shoes//Seychelles (you can't see them but I figured I'd note that they weren't Steve Madden lol)
Living In Color: Day 3

I've been having so much fun with this challenge. Someone asked in the comments yesterday if this is something I made up--yes it is! Sorry if there was confusion about that. I was getting really tired of A) wearing the same few things in my closet and B) wearing mostly black so I decided to challenge myself to change it up. If any of you are participating or want to participate you're welcome to join in. Just leave your link in the comments :)!


3 notes:


Oh my gosh, can I just say you are gorgeous! xxx


Sweet! Hmm...I should give adding more color to my outfits a try. Hmm. hehe


Ohhhh I love this one, it's my fave so far.
I do dress with a lot of color, but usually a hundred shades of blue. I'll have to take some pics and link to you soon.
Have fun with the challenge!
And hope I get to see you in just over a month!

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