March 20, 2012

Got Gnocci?

The day after St. Patrick's day I woke up bright and early. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, literally, as I made my way to The Chopping Block for my Got Gnocci cooking class.

Cooking Class, Got Gnocci?

Cooking Class, Got Gnocci?

In the class, a professional chef taught us three ways to make gnocci along with myriad other cooking tips such as the proper way to chop herbs and a speedy style of onion-dicing. Not only are they extremely informative but they also serve beer, wine, and bubbly if you so desire. This is my second class at the chopping block and I will absolutely be back again.

Cooking Class, Got Gnocci?

My class made ricotta gnocci with a rosemary brown butter sauce, potato gnocci in a tomato cream sauce, and baked semolina gnocci with fontina and parmesan. Needless to say, it was DELICIOUS and I can't wait to try making gnocci on my own.

Cooking Class, Got Gnocci?

Cooking Class, Got Gnocci?

I really love taking cooking classes and my sweet friend Megan joined me for this class--turns out, she loved the class just as much as me. Now I have a friend to drag along whenever I want to learn a new skill in the kitchen! If you're in the Chicago metropolitan area I would highly recommend taking a class at The Chopping Block. The staff is really knowledgeable, the store is well-stocked, the classes are a blast, and I always meet new friends when I go!

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gosh, it looks so good! But what is gnocci??


Great question Amanda!! Gnocci can come in many forms but they're generally made out of potato. In my class we made potato gnocci, ricotta gnocci, and a polenta-style semolina gnocci. I'd liken them to little dumplings. They're great!

Sharmaine Ruth

mmmmm that looks so delicious!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth


Nice! Ahhhh if we lived in the same city. This really does look like fun, I should look into what's around my area.
Lol my Dad took to making gnocci a couple years ago too - so much so that when he came to visit me in France he insisted that we head to Italy to find a gnocci roller.

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