March 1, 2012

Living in Color: Day Four

Initially I thought this outfit might have been a bit too bold for me but looking back I actually think I like it a lot. I paired a yellow argyle sweater with a black skirt and some MAGENTA tights. I topped it all off with my favorite purple scarf and felt like a walking billboard for a "we love color" campaign.

I had SUCH a difficult time getting a good picture of this. The front of this sweater is a white argyle pattern and the light was going crrrazyyyyy bouncing off of it and completely washing out the pattern.
Living in Color: Day 4
scarf//gift from my friend Ben
sweater//United Colors of Benetton
tights//Forever 21

So what do you think? Too many colors? I feel like this outfit made me more fun. I don't know that I would repeat it in the future but I had a good time letting loose for one day!


4 notes:


Yo girl I think you rull cute.
I had seen you at that Benetton store workin them colors.. dang.


i love it! and I think you pull it off flawlessly!!!


Cute.Cute.Cute.Adorable! You can pull this off so well! Fun to catch up on your blog Malori! How are you?


Marilyn I was just reading your blog!! I'm doing well :). Thanks for stopping by!!

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