March 13, 2012

Spending time with my best friends!

My cute friend Stef put my thoughts into words on facebook the other day when she posted a status that included this phrase "New York City has made it so A: I don't know how to be completely alone. B: I don't know how to relax/take it easy." I live in Chicago but her comment about not being able to relax/take it easy was dead on for a city girl. Something about the constant motion all around you makes it really difficult to wind down. Sometimes I find I'm even breathing quickly--crazy right?!
Pictures with Best Friends
The moral of the story is that sometimes when you live in a city, you need a weekend to get away and detox. What better way to detox than to go on a little road trip and spend time with some of your absolute best friends? There is no better way so that's exactly what I did. Luckily my friends only live about 4 hours away from me so a weekend visit is pretty easy to execute. I had a BLAST with them. They cooked me some delicious food, took me out for delicious beer, and provided lots of snuggles and love. A girl could get used to that :).
Pictures with Best Friends
Pictures with Best Friends
Pictures with Best Friends
Pictures with Best Friends
Also, how cute are my friends together? They're my favorite couple :).
Pictures of Best Friends


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Rae Veda

That looks like so much fun. You guys are adorable. xo, rv

Sharmaine Ruth

Aww these photos are too cute!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

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Cute pics!

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