April 4, 2012

Beer and Boobs; Four In Hand Craft Ale

I was tempted into buying this beer because it had some seriously kick-ass packaging. I brought it home, had a baby photoshoot with it, and couldn't wait to give it a try. Beer & Boobs: Four in Hand

Beer & Boobs: Four in Hand

So how did this beer stack up? It was alright. Probably not something I would buy again unless their packaging lures me back.

This beer has quite a bite. I would almost describe the aftertaste as being somewhat bitter. I prefer a fuller, smoother flavor when I'm drinking beer and the sharp, tart taste this had just wasn't my favorite.

Beer & Boobs: Four in Hand

On a scale of 1-10, I'd probably give this a 3.


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Its the IPA. I am not a fan of them just because of that "bite" and for whatever reason when you order IPA's on tap they have a soapy taste. Icky ca ca.

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