April 24, 2012


Hello Friends,

I'm in the midst of my finals weeks and have a LOT of work to get done before I can graduate. I counted yesterday and it looks like I still have seven projects, 4 presentations, and 4 final exams to take before I can breathe easy. Needless to say, I still won't be around the blog as much as usual (I know I've been absent for a while but good things are on the horizon!). In the meantime, check in with me on twitter and now you can also follow me on Instagram!! They finally developed a version for andriod so I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. I'm having fun with it :). Do any of you instagram? Leave your name in the comments so I can check you out!
Canvas & Toothpick Cacti

My instagram name is @malorimaeva. See you soon!!


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