June 8, 2012

A Cooking Class at the Chopping Block

What grows together goes together

The day I left Chicago I took one last cooking class at The Chopping Block. This was my third class with them and I cannot sing their accolades enough--they're just wonderful. This class was titled "What Grows Together Goes Together" and focused on seasonal veggies that taste great together.

We cooked up a risotto with peas, parmesan, and saffron along with some rhubarb cupcakes, a roast chicken, and some bacon-wrapped asparagus. Everything tasted heavenly but my favorite dish BY FAR was the cupcakes. Rhubarb isn't too common in Arizona so I'm hoping I can find some to recreate them.

What grows together goes together
What grows together goes together
What grows together goes together
I'm back in Phoenix and hoping to take some more cooking classes here. Does anyone know of a good recreational cooking school I should try? If you're looking for something unique to fill your time try a cooking class. It's so much fun. My sweet friends Kieran and Megan joined me and we had a blast!!
What grows together goes together


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Sharmaine Ruth

Oh gosh! If only I ate meat :P that looks delicious though! sounds like a super fun time!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth


Mmmm everything looks really good.
I love rhubarb anything too - usually in a pie, with raspberries.
Will have to try them in cupcake form, sans bacon ;)


I've always wanted to make risotto on my own and still do. Did you have a hard time making it in class? My friends have traumatized me with cooking show experiences on making risotto.


@greyskysaturday No need to be afraid! I make risotto all the time and it's really so so easy. The key is to continuously stir the dish until the rice is tender on the outside with a litttttle bit of crunch on the inside. You don't want to overcook it because then you'll be eating mush :)

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