July 26, 2012

Feelin' Fishy

Fishy Fashion On my last day in Washington my newly married friend and I wandered around Point Defiance Park. We walked through a beautiful rose garden and soaked up the gorgeous weather before I hopped on a plane back to the hot hot heat in Phoenix. It was a great day. This is what I wore...
Fishy Fashion
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Top: Vanessa Virginia
Jeans: Pilcro and the Letterpress
Shoes: Steve Madden

Fishy Fashion This fishy top is rapidly becoming my favorite summer shirt. It's conservative yet fun and the sleeves are a blast.


2 notes:


you definitely should have added the upside down head picture.


I TOTALLY was in the same exact area on this date. Weird! Wish we had bumped into each other! I love Tacoma!

<3, B.

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