November 8, 2009

Another week has flown by...

I suppose my blog is named Sunday Morning Sugar for a reason. I only seem to find the time to update on sundays. The week is so busy with homework and school and hopefully a job soon!

I turned in a gigantic fashion project on friday (got an A, go me!) and I finally have a few down moments to make a post. I'm feeling EXTREMELY sex-and-the-city-esque right now because I'm sitting on the patio of my local starbucks typing away on my computer. I"m dressed so cute, and I would love to go shoe shopping after this post (I can't, I have no money).

I just wanted to share a site that I found this week, and am in LOVE with.
This cute internet shop is named Super Duper Things, and I couldn't agree more. They have an eclectic array of handmade goods that are just too cute. I'm going to try and make my own version of the stag silhouette. I think it'd be a quick and easy saturday project, or I guess a quick and easy wednesday project, seeing as Wednesday's and Sunday's are my only quiet days.

Here are a couple other fun items from the shop....

Anchor Ring

These big striped earrings. I have an obsession with oversized earrings recently. I guess oversized jewlery in general. It's so much fun and can completely change an outfit.

If you like what you see, go support the store, (click here!) It's extremely afforadable :).

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