November 10, 2009

I found time!

A post on a Tuesday!? I'm so proud of myself :).

I've been extremely disenchanted with the computer recently. I've been spending less time of facebook (yay) and more time doing productive things--ex: my homework. I'm hoping that if I keep it up, that I'll find time to do other things I love, like crafting. I want to learn how to sew, so next semester I'm going to find somewhere in this lovely city of mine that I can be taught. I also want to find more time to knit and maybe even paint a few pictures? Nothing too intense, at least not at first. I just think it's time that I got back to my creativity. Spending all day on facebook isn't really getting me anywhere.

I am hoping to make enough crafty goods so that I can fill up my etsy shop and make some money that can go towards more crafting (and maybe some SHOPPING?!)

Speaking of shopping....
I broke down today and went to frivolously spend some money :). I ended up with some lovely goodies!

I got a fantastic green striped tee from Urban Outfitters (on sale for TEN DOLLARS).

I also picked up some cuteee sleep shorts from Urban. They were sort of expensive...But I think in the long run I won't mind the price :).

I've been really interested in crafting with recycled objects for a couple weeks now. So when I saw this scarf at Urban, it inspired me to make my own. I bought it to use as a reference (it was on sale for 5 dollars!) and I'm going to stop by goodwill soon so I can make my own! It seems like any old T-shirt will work nicely, hopefully I can find one that works for me.

There really isn't too much going on in my life right now. I get to go home in less than two weeks and I'm ridiculous excited to see my family and old friends.

Have a lovely Wednesday


Here's a little fishy picture to liven up this otherwise dull post

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