March 29, 2010

Home Videos and Nostalgia

I stole a whole pile of home videos turned DVDs from my parents house while I was in Phoenix and it's been doing a first rate job of filling my time. I was so freakin cute when I was a youngster. I would share some clips but I can't load any of the DVDs onto my computer. Silly... Does anyone know how to do this? I feel like there shouldn't be any licensing conflicts because they are MY

I miss the days when I jumped at a chance to sing for my mama's camera. Kids are so bold! Since we could all stand to get back in touch with our inner child, I found some fun kid crafts that you can whip up in a heartbeat. These are classics people!

(how impressive is this?!)

Fingerpainting...need I say more or find a link to a how-to? I don't think so.. But I will give a step-by-step for those of you who are confused. Step 1) Pick out some paint. Step 2) Put your fingers in said paint. Step 3) Paint.

This isn't a craft, nor was it done by kids, BUT HOW COOL IS CHRISTIAN FAUR'S USE OF CRAYONS!?
For the child in you, you can check out hundreds of craft ideas at Crayola's website.

Annnd homemade playdough. Have any of you ever made this? Every time I think of it I just remember the excessive amount of salt burning my hands and my taste buds (because I always ate some even though it tasted awful) You can find a recipe here.

Have a good night! I'm off to watch more of my childhood.


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