April 21, 2010

April Playlist :)

April is almost over and I need to bring you your monthly playlist! I have been listening to all kinds of new music and I can't wait to share it with you :). If you're a new reader, I have to warn you, my playlists are not cohesive at all. Usually it's a jumble of songs that tickle my fancy on the day that I compile them for you. Having said that...enjoy!

April Showers

1. In the Next Room By: Neon Trees
2. Sweeter By: Jess Penner
3. Disease By: Matchbox 20
4. Touch the Sky By: Kanye West
5. Little Wing By: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
6. Down in a Cold Dirty Well By: Justin Nozuka
7. Right as Rain By: Adele
8. The Girl From Ipanema By: Frank Sinatra
9. Hollywood Nights By: Bob Seger
10. You'll Find a Way By: Santogold


In other news, I wanted to thank you all for your feedback. You're wonderful and my little heart is all filled up with my love for you!

I'll see you tomorrow

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