April 20, 2010

Design for Mankind

Hey kids :)

I wanted to share a few quick things.

1) The Ring a Day project:

I stumbled onto this intriguing project on one of my favorite blogs and had to share. It's so simple, just a ring a day. But the materials that are used are awesome and so inspiring. These are a few of my favorites...

2) Design for Mankind

This blog is WONDERFUL. I love pretty much everything she posts. It is full of inspiration, unique projects, struggling/accomplished artists, and cool photography. I'm obsessed, and you should be to. So go forth!

3) I have acquired some new followers and I couldn't be more excited about it :).

Hello new friends! As I said a few days ago, I'm planning another giveaway for when I reach 100 followers via google friend connect. So spread the word and be sure to keep stopping by. I'm going to post the giveaway the moment I notice my 100th follower!

4) I'm curious how you feel about my blog. I'm nearing my 200th post and I want to know what I'm doing wrong or right. If you could take a few seconds and leave a comment telling me things you would like to see more or less of I'd love it. If you want to be anonymous, feel free to leave the feedback on my formspring. Thanks in advance, it really means a lot.

I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures of what I've been working on recently.

5 notes:


I really like your blog Malori. As with all the blogs I read I love posts about what people get up to in their weekends and show their real lives. And the inspirational posts about craft projects. They make me think that I could possibly be crafty again one day!


I LOVE design for mankind! I know that whenever I visit that site that I will become so inspired.


I'd like it if you commented more on how funny and talented your friends are. AKA me.

Consider my dear

I'm not sure a hair ring is practical :)

Emma Jade

I really love your blog, the layout is cute and you write so well.
Not sure about the hair ring though.. eww!

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