April 28, 2010

Three Things

Hello :). I'm just updating quickly today because I have to study for a few big tests I have today and tomorrow!

I wanted to share my three things inspired by Promise Tangeman (and also seen on Run With Scissors)

1. Say something nice about something or someone.
2. Link to a cool new website or company that you have found or like.
3. Give a shout out to an inspirational person or blog that you follow.

1. I don't know why but I'm having such a hard time choosing just ONE person to say something nice about. I'll list a few :)
My roomie is a huge nerd but I'll keep her around.

My best friend got a sweet gift in the mail today and I am so glad it made her happy!

This boy is going to get about a billion bow ties from me when I start sewing.

I miss these fools.

2. How do you even choose just one!? My most recent obsession is Johnny Cupcakes. I also really like shopping here and window shopping here.

3. I have about a million favorite blogs but I don't think I've mentioned all of them yet. I've been really into Keiko Lynn's blog recently. Her style is so beautiful and she's living my dream life!


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Yes Please to the Bow Ties!
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