October 1, 2010

Feeling Blue

I'm feeling a little blue today and I'm not sure why. I just woke up with a big ol' raincloud over my head and I've been unable to shake it. Tonight I think I'm going to bury myself under heaps of blankets with a hot cup of tea, a funny movie, and some embroidery. I take a lot of mental health days/nights but I think they're necessary. They help me keep my silly depression in check. Here are some peeks at projects I've been working on...

As far as this weekend goes, I don't really have any spectacular plans. I've been dreaming about Franks N' Dawgs so I'll probably hoodwink one of my friends into taking me there for a delicious Dawg.

What are you all up to this weekend?


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Homework, homework, homework. And a little thrifting tomorrow.

This post makes me miss my embroidery stuff. Hmm.


please tell me that's conan o'brien in the second picture.


hahahaha I could tell you that... but I'd be lying....


Your embroidery is beautiful!

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