January 29, 2011

My New Toy and Some Veggie Burgers

I have many folders on my computer devoted to recipes I'd like to try. I tend to prefer cooking to baking so most of them are delicious dinner ideas. A lot of them require a food processor so I finally gave in and bought myself a little toy.

It's perfect because it's really small (I have like no counter or storage space in my apartment) but gets the job done. The first thing I made with it were some DELICIOUS veggie burgers. I ate two... Since I enjoyed them so much I figured I'd encourage all of you to try them out. You can find the recipe right here. The best part of this recipe is that you can just throw them in the freezer until you want them. Perfect!

quinoa chickpea burgers

quinoa chickpea burgers

quinoa chickpea burgers

quinoa chickpea burgers

I ate mine on a pretzel bread bun (I seriously cannot get enough of pretzel bread. Expect more of this in the future) with some extra sharp cheddar cheese. Since I didn't want all the calories of the second bun, I ate my other veggie burger straight with some cheese on it. I have these in my freezer and I will absolutely be making this again in the future.


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3 notes:

Sonya Zombiee

My boyfriend loves pretzel buns! It's kind of strange, but mostly cute. Lol.


I've never seen those before, but they actually look pretty tasty!

The Wrong Girl

Oooh I'll be trying these after the baked tofu. Thanks Malori!

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