May 24, 2011

Creamy Barley with Greens and Tomato

After I visited the Green City Market a couple weeks ago, I was really in the mood for something that tasted natural and healthy. Something about all that fresh food... So when I got home, I threw on my apron and got to work.

I had flagged this recipe in an issue of Real Simple ages ago and finally picked up the necessary ingredients to put it together.

Here's what you'll need:
Creamy Barley with Tomato and Greens

And the end result...
Creamy Barley with Tomato and Greens
In the end, I made a really pretty dish. Personally, I think it could have had a little more kick to it. Maybe next time I'll throw in some red pepper flakes? I'd definitely recommend trying it out. The recipe was super simple and would have taken me about 30 minutes had I not photographed my ingredients in such a fancy way. The other issue I ran into with this recipe was with the barley. It said to buy quick-cooking barley but I couldn't find any, so I simply bought barley in bulk from whole foods and let it soak overnight in a bowl of water. Equally effective, but a pinch more work than some of you may care to do!


3 notes:

ilene @ muchloveilly

mmm, i want! i especially love that first photo with all those ingredients laid out like that!


yum! that looks so good!
have you seen Ikea cookbook? they lay their ingredients out similarly - pretty cool!


Ilene--it's pretty delicious :). And thank you!! I snagged the idea from Things Organized Neatly. They always post picture of the Ikea cookbooks where the ingredients are organized like that.

Elizabeth--I sort of just answered this to Ilene, but I definitely borrowed that ingredient layout from Ikea. They do a better job than me but I was a hungry woman!

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