December 3, 2011

Photoshoots with friends

Happy December everyone! I'm having trouble believing that in two more weeks my second to last semester of college will be over. Where does the time go - honestly? This semester has been so so busy for me but I have managed to find some time to do fun things. One of those things was a photoshoot with my darling friend, Emiley Smith. You may remember back in this post I noted that I have some really talented friends. Emiley and I have been friends since 6th grade and we both ended up at Columbia College together. She's actually the reason I knew Columbia existed!

Anyways, her model for a lighting project dropped out last minute and she asked me fill in. I get really shy when people are taking my picture but it ended up being such a fun night. After all, how many 21-year-olds get to play dress-up and not feel crazy about doing so? I hope I get the chance to work with Em again in the future, she's fabulous!


6 notes:


Aw, I love these! :) Great job!


Ooo thank you :)!!


Oh my gosh! Such fun photos! I love them! The second one is my favorite.


They are all amazing but that last photo of you...I think you'll be loveing that more and more-it is beautiful. I bet it'll be something that you pull out of a fabulous shoebox in 30 years to look back on. Amazing!


Thanks Ashley :)! And Courtney, I agree. This is such a fun memory already. I can't wait to look back on it as I get older.


fabulous photos!!

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